Manage your members online.

Membership Management Technology

Our online membership management technology enables you to collect membership fees online and keep a track of all the members. The system deploys an automated email method to keep the members updated about their membership renewal.

Collect & Track
Ability to provide an online portal for members to join, and then track and manage invoices or each membership period.
Automate Reminders
Send reminders to members and provide login details so they can renew their membership without having to re-enter membership forms.
Connect to Events
Connect members to our event registration system to offer exclusive discounts or special registration options only available to members.
Track funds
Yearly reconciliation information available to track membership funds collected for each membership period.

Want to know more

We would love to give you a call and take you through the system. Our team of event technology specialists are experts at working through your event and providing you with a solution that gets you up and running in no time.