Abstracts Manager - online abstract and paper submission, review and management

Centralized collection, review and management of Abstracts and Papers for Conferences

WHEN: 01 June 2006 - 31 December 2008


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Telephone Toll Free: 1800 000 588
Email: info@conferenceonline.com.au

Application Overview
Abstracts Manager is a web based application that manages and automates the collection, distribution and reviewing of documents for all types of conferences. The web based application can be tailored by conference organisers and conference committees to meet the needs of any conference, meeting or event.

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Key Features
• Fully web based; no software to install
• Customise the application in just minutes to meet your conference needs
• Full branding in your company or conference name
• Single or multiple abstract or paper submission steps
• Online reviewing
• Online management of authors/speakers, reviewers and submissions

Administrator / Conference Organiser Control Panel:
• Brand the application with your name and logos
• Set-up any number of themes, streams or categories
• Set-up equipment that authors can have made available to them at the conference
• Set presentation format options. E.g. oral, poster, keynote
• Elect to receive submissions in plain text or in a document template
• Automatic e-mail communication with authors re acceptance or rejection of papers

Authors and speakers Control Panel:
• Upload submissions
• Enable authors to return and make changes to submissions right up until cut-off dates
• Specify co-authors

Review Control Panel

• Blind, normal, peer or collaborative reviews
• Web based reviewing based on customisable criteria and assigned weightings
• Multiple reviews per document

Demos and Trials
• Fully functional demo versions available for you to trial and showcase to your clients.

Post-Event Services
Once all abstracts and papers have been accepted, Abstracts Manager exports final data in a variety of formats. The data if required can integrate with existing conference software or databases already being used. By collecting information electronically Abstracts Manager can easily prepare conference proceedings on-line, on CD-ROM or output to print. Real-time reporting allows conference managers and committees to see the precise status of conference submissions.

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