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The University of Queensland Ochsner Medical School is an innovative medical school partnership between two of the world’s leading medical institutions, one in Brisbane, Australia and the other New Orleans, Louisiana. The UQ -OMS program was created in 2009, to give American medical students the opportunity to train on two continents, while earning an M.D. degree and readying them for practice in the United States.  Approximately 120 American students are selected annually to join the medical school class.  The Ochsner Medical School students spend the first two years of their medical school careers side-by-side their Australian colleagues in Brisbane.  The Ochsner medical students spend the third and fourth years of medical school at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, where our award-winning faculties oversee their clinical education in a world-class medical center.    

The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine ranks as one of the world’s Top 50 medical schools, and the university is renowned as one of the leading research institutions of the world.  With a total enrolment of over 50,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and an endowment of over $150M (AUD), the university is respected as a global powerhouse of innovation and education.   In 2016, UQ attracted more than $368M (AUD) in research funding from government, industry and community sources. 

The Ochsner Health System is the leading provider of healthcare in Louisiana with over 2,700 employed and affiliated physicians, 30 owned and/or operated hospitals, and more than 60 free standing clinics.  Ochsner is the largest private employer in the State of Louisiana with nearly 18,000 employees.  Ochsner is named after its renowned founder Dr. Alton Ochsner, the surgeon who discovered that cigarette smoking causes cancer, and our organization has been a pioneer of American medical education for more than 75 years.  We’re one of the largest non-university-based physician training centers in the U.S., with over 300 interns, residents, and fellows training in 24 different fully accredited graduate medical education programs. Ochsner is also a national leader in medical research, conducting more than 1,000 clinical research studies every year and producing well over 200 annual publications in the medical literature.

Ochsner medical students have matched in a variety of specialties in prestigious residency programs across the country, including Yale, Johns Hopkins, Mayo, and many others.  The majority of our students pursue careers in primary care, but we also match students into all medical specialties throughout the United States.  Our alumni are currently in successful private practice positions and in faculty positions at respected practices and institutions all around the U.S.  Our program has been particularly attractive to students who wish to pursue careers with a focus on international health, humanitarianism, and collaboration between different national healthcare systems.  


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