Aboriginal Skies - 13 July 2018 Email Us

Aboriginal Australians have been looking at the night sky for thousands of years. During this time they have been able to build up a complex knowledge of the stars and their movements. Come and learn how to find the different constellations (stellar patterns) as seen by indigenous groups throughout Australia. Hear about the Dreaming stories that relate to the night sky, and learn about how constellations like the Southern Cross and Orion are seen by Aboriginal Australians. The evening is strictly designed for the adult beginner, with little or no astronomical knowledge who would like to know more about the night sky and the constellations, as seen by the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.

Venue: Adelaide Planetarium, University of South Australia, University Boulevard, Building P, Mawson Lakes SA 5095

: 13-Jul-2018
: 14-Jul-2018
: adelaide.planetarium@unisa.edu.au
: 8302 3138
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