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Jackie Furey
Jackie is a specialist in the area of personal and professional relationships. Well known for hosting Bedrooms to Boardrooms on Sydney’s Mix 106.5, Jackie believes that nothing will affect us more profoundly in life than our relationships with others. Her aim is to help people to bring out the best in themselves.
Dr. John Tickell
Dr John is ranked as one of the top ten speakers in the world, and is Australia’s number one author with millions of sales worldwide. He talks about “everything in moderation…except laughter, sex, fish and vegetables.” He presented Love, Laugh and Eat Your Way to 100 on PBS (with 360 television channels in the US) and regularly appears on Channel Nine’s Celebrity Overhaul.
Mark Bunn
AFL footballer turned world-class expert on health, wellbeing and work/life balance, Mark energises and inspires people to take action in their own lives. He believes that laughter, enjoying life and having fun are more important than a healthy diet, and combines Eastern and Western medicine to reach his conclusions. He’s the author of two books on the subject and is a regular magazine contributor.
Mark McKeon
Mark is considered to be an expert in time creation, and his books have been endorsed by government health programs. He helps top-performing teams to achieve twice as much in half the time. His presentation style and content have resulted in a number of clients achieving record sales, increased referrals and reduced errors.
Robyn Moore
Robyn’s secret is in selling people back to themselves, allowing them to recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for the choices they make. She’s one of the most memorable and in-demand speakers in the area of leadership, communication and relationship-building. Re-engage, re-align, re-invent, re-generate, re-store with "The Power of the Word!"






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